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President's Message

Nagoya Denki Co., Ltd. was founded by Isamu Mori, the founder of this company in 1946 as a sales agency of Sumitomo Electronic Industries Ltd., to sell electronic wires and cables. We have been contributing to the development of this industry for more than half century.
With its long and prosperous history, Sumitomo Electronic Industries Ltd. has been striving for diversification in many different fields based on highly innovative R&D activities and been actively involved to seek and find a new field.
We also have been expanding our business field as we try to follow the development of Sumitomo Electronic Industries Ltd. Through sales of products from Sumitomo Electronic Industries Ltd. and other excellent manufacturers, we, as an engineering trading company to meet needs of various business, have been working hard for offering faster and smoother provision of technical information and products in order to earn customers' satisfaction.
In the coming future, we will seek for further expansion with the theme of globalization and the aim to expand our manufacturing section to create new products with added value. Through various ways of contribution to society, we would also like to fulfill our social responsibilities by complying with the basics.
Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.