Company Profile

Management Philosophy & Principles

Management Philosophy

Nagoya Denki contributes to the realization of improved cooperate value by linking our customer’s needs with our supplier’s technologies.

To achieve this, we are applying our original ideas and actions, and making active challenges to create new values.


1. Technology trading house
Strive to refine our technology and knowledge, quickly perceive the needs and changes in the general market, and act as a bridge between customers and suppliers.
2. Active thinking
Take a forward approach to all matters to realize proposal-based sales which considers the best measures for customers and suppliers, and to continue growing each day.
3. Globalization

Undertake work with a global perspective to quickly and stability provide the optimum materials to customers, both in Japan and overseas.

4. Team work
Continue close communication in and outside the company, and bring minds together to swiftly and properly resolve business-related issues.
5. Observance of basics
Understand each individual’s responsibilities and duties, and work to protect nurture trust and results.
6. Social responsibility

As a member of society, act responsibly in terms of society, environment and economics.

7. Self-fulfillment
Continue making challenges with knowledge and passion, without fearing failure, to realize ideals raised by the organization and individual.